Friday, October 22, 2010

Got Knits - pt1

My baby girl has knits, and plenty of them!

She's been blessed by me having friends who knit & write knitting patterns, friends who know the value of passing on handknits, and friends who have taught me to knit!

for example, some that i've done-
the prem size Blossom that i knit for paul's niece

the gradient dyed yarn Owlie Sleepsack
(highly, highly recommended!! she loves it & settles almost the moment she's popped into it, and it's much for convenient for big sibling cuddles than a blanket!)

a Pebble vest

a debbie bliss baby shrug
(yet to be blogged about, still finishing something to go with it!)

and some from my friends-
a newborn Spring Butterfly, knit by the designer herself as part of a set for twins, one passed on us by the lovely twin mummy

an extremely cute wee dress passed on by another kind friend
(not sure of the pattern, or who knit it?! someone on tnn anyway :) )

and a very special pair of overalls that were knit for Eli by an amazing friend, that i love getting to use again!!

she's such a lucky thing to be wrapped in so much woolly goodness, and that's not even all of it!!


I should be sleeping said...

Oooooooh. What is it about knits on little bubbas?
A big congratulations from Oz Nova. She's lovely! Hope you guys are going well.

I should be sleeping said...

Ooooooh. What is it about knits on little bubbas? She looks lovely!
A big congratulations from oz Nova, I hope you guys are all going well.

theotherSarah said...

Aw, LOVE those overalls!

Mummyzilla said...

Umm, the purple dress is mine! Pattern completed, but still yet to be published. Wow that was weird seeing it there, what a coincidence.