Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Small amounts, adding up to make a work of art...

(gold star to anyone who can place that quote *without* googling! and if you cheat & google, no it's NOT Streisand!)

So it's only taken me forever, but i finally got round to trying gradient dyeing!

the basic gist is, you unwind your balls of yarn into a skein, then divide the skein into a series of smaller bundles, one after another....(lesson #1 - tie the bundles up with different colour synthetic yarns & write down the order! this way you know what order the bundles go in!)

then following your favourite yarn dyeing technique you pop each bundle into a separate bowl of dye....(lesson #2 - check that the dye IN the pot matches the label on the pot before you make your plan. i thought i had sky blue, seaspray & navy.. turns out the seaspray was ultra violet! luckily i noticed this before i mixed the dye up & adjusted accordingly.
lesson #3 - also check first that you actually have enough bowls or containers for all the different mixes you need!! i was using procion, which doesn't need heat to set, so thankfully they didn't need to be microwave safe)

rinse, then dry your yarn....(lesson #4 - don't tangle it. how you avoid that i don't know though.)

re-skein your yarn...
wind it into a ball....
then knit it up!the pattern i used is the very cute & snuggly Owlie Sleepsack, knit in 12ply it's a quick alternative to a blanket for little bubs.
heh heh.. owls..

(about those various lessons above... i got the bundles for the 3rd & 4th colours mixed up! so the middle should have gone- dark blue, pale purply blue, dark purple, pinky purple, pale pink, but the pale purply blue & dark purple got switched. doh. and they weren't even the colours i was planning for this project in the first place. doh. and tangling speaks for itself really. doh. but i'm very happy with the finished result anyway!!!)

oh yeah, i've now got a little tab up the top for the various tutorials & recipes that i've shared! hopefully they might be of use sometime :)


theotherSarah said...

Ooooh - nice! I keep meaning to try that tto, but all those things you said - I'm very doh prone.

neak said...

man that came out really neat!

so glad I have my knitting machine to do gradiants lol no tangled messes

nova_j said...

thanks! lol sarah, yeah i just try to turn everything into 'happy accidents' ;)

oh & very jealous of your knitting machine neak! your ones come out just perfect!!