Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Got Knits - pt2

more knittery goodness....

i knit these rainbow longies for eli when i found out i was pregnant with him, and now maia gets to wear them too!

and i started these for her 4 days before she was born-
they're NB sized "Pimp My Longies"
to go with the little shrug i had made her-

and my longest baby knit EVER... just finished, a NB sized Blossom
very cute, but i don't like 4ply!
the ribbon happened to come wrapped around one of her presents, and was a perfect match for the merino yarn!

and some more precious gifts for her...

a very soft & snuggly shrug (with matching socks!) from my friend serra-
with a little flower window detail on the back-
and a perfect little silky smooth summer vest from sha-

what a lucky girl!

(she seems to have developed a signature pose too ;-) )


sarahbean said...

What nice knittery friends you have :)

Love the superhero pose ;)


Sharonnz said...

Sweet wee girl! She is seriously teeny cuz that vest is teeny weeny;-)

theotherSarah said...

Awww, she is just squishy :-) glad you like the shrug, she looks gorgeous in it.

Sweetp said...

oh she is just delicious!! lovely knits too x

applepip said...

Cute cute cute. And nice knits too.