Monday, October 18, 2010

the rare Lesser Hooded Eli

Ages ago i finished Eli's winter hoodie!
(ie back in winter)

it's the Vestee pattern from Knitty, but using the hood & long sleeves options-
i needed to upsize it for a skinny 2 year old, and wanted to knit it in the round, so i cast on the combined front & back stitches rounded up to a multiple of 3 (to get the right stitch pattern) and joined it in the round, and knit up to the arm pits as one piece, adding quite a lot of length - i find the suggested length to be *really* short. i then knit both sleeves at the same time using magic loop, and joined them onto the body & knit the rest as per the pattern :-)

it's taken me so long to post about it since i was trying to get a good shot of it being modeled... but i failed - this is the best i have been able to get-
oh well...

but it fits really nicely, and i really recommend this pattern for a fast & simple jumper!!

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