About Us

Hi there!

My name is Nova, and this is a blog to stash all the things i make - hence the blog title - nova means "new", so "newly made" = stuff made by nova. yeah bad pun, i know.

I'm mum to three very cool wee kiddos, two girls & a boy, aged 1-6, plus step-mum to two big kiddos too! We've just moved into a wild and wonderful 1/4 acre property, in a little big city in little ol' New Zealand.

With the influence of various forum buddies, i started doing assorted crafty activities 4 years ago, on a quest to have nice things for my brand new baby girl! 

In the following years i've dabbled with sewing, knitting, crochetting, fabric & yarn dyeing, wool spinning, wet & needle felting, vegan baking, various papercrafts, organic gardening, and attempting to make interesting birthday cakes for the kids - sometimes i win, other times... not so much. And since then i've liked to keep a record of what i've been making, whether good or bad, and links to any patterns or tutorials i've used, all for future reference.. if they happen to be handy or interesting to anyone else, then that is great too!

So yeah. that's us really, hope you enjoy stopping by, and never be afraid to try something new!!