Thursday, September 03, 2009

Early blossom....

Paul has just recently acquired a teeny tiny niece.. and i mean teeny tiny! she was born at 33 weeks gestation, and now at 4 weeks old she weighs just 2.2kg! And what knitter can resist making things that tiny?!

i needed something soft, which my stash is sadly lacking in (my poor kids!) but was pretty disappointed at the incredibly insipid ranges of colours at the local yarn store, so i bought 150g of white 4ply merino & dyed it myself using raspberry procion-
i wasn't really intending it to be so dark, but with dyeing i quickly learnt to let go of tight expectations! ;-)
(and for the record i achieved this result by using 1Tbsp of soda ash + 1/2Tbsp of procion to 2C of water - ie too much dye in too little water, thus rich colour where it hits, but not enough to go around - and then another 1Tbsp soda ash in 2C water)

And then knit some of it into this-
using the Blossom pattern from local clever person blog Tiny Happy, adjusted down to a premmie size :-)
(details are on my rav page)

the needle in the top pic is 14" long so you can see it's pretty tiny huh?!
i hope the recipient likes it!


Nikki said...

Omigosh. How could she not? It is GOOOORGEOUS!


Rainbow Child said...

just precious!

Kelly said...

Thats so dinky!

nova_j said...

lol it's about to get dinkier!! i've just got some pics of it in action...