Friday, December 02, 2011

The first (and second) day of our Advent Calendar

Our Advent Calendar is a series of activities & outings, rather than gifts or chocolate..

The first day - Make our Advent Calendar!
(yeah, ok, that was just because I was too disorganised to have it done in time..)

Each peg has a tiny card with the activity for the day written inside it, and gets opened up & re-pegged each day.

Day 2 - Decorate our Xmas tree!!
(Yes, we have a fake tree... it was $8.47 at Kmart eight years ago.)

We have quite a few homemade decorations on our tree, but making more features quite heavily over the rest of the month (shhh!! secret.)

I'd love to see other people's activity based advent calenders too!!

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apple cheeked, potato shaped girl said...

I don't have kids so I'm a little behind on the modern twists on tradition but I love the idea of an activity based advent calender.

Did you begin yours on the 27th or the 1st?

I remember making decorations with my mother, Chinese lanterns, bells made from cut up egg cartons wrapped in tinfoil or old Christmas wrap, paper chains (which lasted 10 years and by the time I was 16 was so long we could sting it continuously around the dining room, lounge, family room and study - they weren't small rooms either)