Friday, February 10, 2012

Finish it February

On one of the forums I'm on, it has been declared Finish It February!!

This was my list on the 31st of Jan-

- Maia's 2012 winter cardi
- re-do sleeves on my disastrous Corona hoodie :(
- overlock fraying prefolds - DONE! 01.02
- fix lexi's PJ pants - DONE! 01.02
- finish fifty zillion waldorf pocket dolls :twitch:
- whatever else is in my "to finish" box :twitch:
- button tree pic
- stain & reupholster chairs & dining table
- sew a bunch of baby gifts - one done! 01.02

Unfortunately, this is my "to finish" box, and the two knitting projects.

ONE dining chair has been sanded & given it's first coat of stain, all of the seats are done, and one of the backs. I'm not talking about the table.

And of course I have a bunch of clothes to make for the kids as per usual.


Just to make the task even better, I'm trying to use my stash for everything too. And I do not have one of those wonderful craft stashes filled with gorgeous yarns and fabrics, and every thread and notion known to man. I have fabrics that were $1-2/m at spotlight. I have yarn that was <$3/50g at spotlight. My button stash is predominantly ones that my dad cut off old business shirts.

BUT I'm going to see what I can do! And since the big kids are away this weekend, I'm going to see how much I can get done during that time... Wish me luck!!

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