Friday, October 28, 2011

My baby's baby

I finished my first proper waldorf doll!

Not the best photo I'm afraid, but here she is-
Since she was for my youngest's first birthday, she has a lovely soft bamboo velour body, with just the head & upper torso fully formed under her 'clothes'. In the traditional waldorf style she is made from 100% natural fibres - cotton stretch skin fabric, the bamboo velour, carded wool fleece for stuffing, and a strange but very cool feeling wool/soy blend yarn for her (immense amount of) hair! 

I knit her a little dress to wear, and crocheted a blanket too, which I haven't got a photo of yet.

I'm rather pleased with how she came out, except that the velour has a tendency to 'wick' the stuffing out :(

I'm working on a second one now, for our kindergarten's gigantic Advent Fair!


highwaycottage said...

She is gorgeous Nova!! You are so talented.

nova_j said...

aww thanks :) i'm still learning really!!

Anonymous said...

she looks gorgeous, yes i learnt the hard way too that velour needs to be lined to stop stuffing coming out. I use a cotton knit to line.