Thursday, September 15, 2011


 It seems to come with having little girls somehow, even if you don't make a big deal out of it, they still tend towards preferring pink. So a twirly, flowery skirt trimmed with pink is sure to go down well!!
 This one is a crochet pattern called Floreala, and this snuggly skirt will definitely last her for a couple of winters at least with it's elasticated waist & good length :)

And something that makes my big girl happy is the path down to our house -
The top half has been carpeted in pink flowers for at least a couple of months now & shows no sign of stopping, and just yesterday the little shrub at the bottom on the right has burst out with the first of hundreds of pink flowers too!!


Anne (I should be sleeping) said...

Ohhhhhh such gorgeous photos of your little one! The skirt is just beautiful :)

applepip said...

Boooooooooodiful photos!!!! :)

nova_j said...

thanks! i had just put the skirt on her & went to find my camera... one of the big kids had left the door open & she crawled right up the stairs, & under the pink-flower-tree! It would have been perfect if she hadn't got twigs & leaves all caught in the crochet on her journey :P