Friday, September 16, 2011

Instant organisation

Pillowcase + large embroidery hoop + small hook = laundry bag!!
Our laundry is in a smallish cupboard in the kitchen, which doesn't have room for a big laundry hamper/basket/thingy (ok, so if the thing that you carry your clean washing around in is the basket, what is the thing you toss your dirty washing in called in your house??), and I'm trying to curb my delightful children's habit of tossing their used clothes all over the floor, so this now hangs on the back of their bedroom door for them to pop their washing into!!

Because it isn't sewn into the hoop you can just drop it into the machine at the same time if it is getting musty, and you can replace it with any pillowcase!

And the best bit is that it took all of one minute to make, awesome.

(from this Pin)

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