Monday, February 28, 2011

Out of nothing..

comes something...

ha double meaning there, my poor neglected blog, and my poor neglected garden! but amazingly, both have been producing!

i didn't bother with a vege garden this year, since we are planning on moving (it's taken so long that i could have actually, but oh well), but despite being transplanted into pots, we've had a few lovely strawberries-
and have a big stash of homegrown heritage popcorn from last year's harvest!
there is some Miniature Black, Strawberry, and a strange hybrid that i created by growing Silver Platinum sweetcorn too close to the popcorns! and even better still, we have 1 little mini black popcorn plant that has self seeded, providing us with 3 more cobs this year, and without any work from me!!

gotta love it when veges take care of themselves..

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