Monday, February 28, 2011

crafty women

i'm lucky with our playgroup to be surrounded by a group of very crafty women :-)

last year we embarked on a fundraising mission, using the power of crochet!

so far we've made a cot blanket-
a bassinet blanket-
a super cute doll's blanket (which i think has actually been claimed by the playgroup babies ;-) ) -
and we've almost finished a single bed blanket using hand-dyed rainbow colours! -
there are also these lovely squares, which i don't know what they are destined to be!
they all need blocking before we can sell them, but they're already filled with a whole lot of care & attention!

it's an integral part of our playgroup philosophy that parents/carers be productively occupied, be it cleaning, crafting, mending, gardening etc, so crochet is a perfect way to spend our morning!

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