Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my little big boy

my little guy was about to get a whole year older (it happens overnight you know) and so i decided he needed to join in on our first proper family birthday tradition - the felted crowns.

so i started with some wool-
(yes it's pink & purple, it was left over from lexi's so-long-ago Tigger Cardi (look how little she is!), and the only feltable stuff left in my stash!)

some food colouring & vinegar,

and some of this stuff-
and.... ta da!

the butterfly theme was because we inherited a couple of monarch caterpillars a month or so ago from our playgroup, and we've had a constant stream of them to look after ever since! Eli absolutely loves them, and has been finding the process fascinating, so i thought it would be a fitting theme for his crown :-)
i think he likes it!

i was incredibly proud of lexi too, who was inspired by my efforts to make eli a present herself as well! she decided to make him a toy horse, which turned into a unicorn, so i cut the basic shape out of felt (i like minimum 70% wool felt), showed her how to do a whip stitch, and off she went! I did the eyes for her, and threaded her needle, but the rest was all her work, even choosing the colours (it's red on one side, purple on the other ;-) ).

(there was a minor controversy on eli's birthday when she decided she actually wanted it to have a short mane, so hid behind the lounge curtains to give it a haircut without asking first, but really since it was her project she had to be forgiven!)

and of course there was birthday cake... not one of my sleeker efforts to be sure *blush*
but it tasted good & the kids loved it, so i'm happy!


Nikki said...

Holy moley - look at your felting skillz! So impressive.

And happy birthday to your little one - cake looks gorgy!

theotherSarah said...

Good job! And really, really good job, Lexi! And happy birthday BIG boy :)

highwaycottage said...

Wow, I'm blown away at the gorgeous-ness of that crown. Truly a work of art !!!!!! Happy birthday to your wee man.

applepip said...

Beautiful felted crown - whoa! Lexi's work is pretty impressive too. Taking after her ma for sure :)

nova_j said...

thanks! and of course all the usual stuff about the years flying by & all that ;) eeek!