Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kids Clothing Week round up

ugh i seem to be incapable of achieving a halfway decent photo of any of my stuff at the moment, it seems to be a combination of too bright and too dark at the same time, so you either get dim colours or glare *sigh* so we'll have to just imagine the nice colours ok?

3 pairs of pants for lexi-
two polarfleece in red wine & rich purple colours, and icy blue cords (see what i mean about the colours? :-( )

two merino PJ tops for lexi-
and two for kadyn-
two more pairs of merino baby pants, this time just with the cuff option-

and lexi 'modelling' her new PJs-
they look pretty comfy!

so that makes my tally for the week...
- 1 dress shirt for eli
- 3 pairs of pants for lexi + one pair mended
- a pair of PJ pants each for lexi & kadyn
- 2 merino tops for lexi
- 2 merino tops for kadyn
- 4 pairs of baby merino pants

i also knitted a tiny party dress for one of lexi's favourite baby dolls that got accidentally left behind on our fortnightly custody visit up north, as a consolation present for a very distraught little girl... pics of that to come soonish when we get her back. the doll i mean, not the little girl.

i still need to do another pair of PJ pants for each of the big ones, some winter pants for kadyn, and probably a couple of merino tops for eli (he already has a couple of lightweight thermal ones), but some of those require a trip to the fabric shop since my winter stash is getting low!


Gypsy said...

You are amazing ... what a machine! The clothes look fantastic.

nova_j said...

thanks! but i counted actual *sewing* in my 1hour, all the tracing & cutting out is extra!