Thursday, May 20, 2010

end of the summer weather

it's definitely getting much colder here now!

so as a reminder of nicer weather i thought i would share pics of some of the treasures from our garden this summer-

some of our solanaceae haul - the nightshade family contains potatoes, tomatoes, datura, belladonna (deadly nightshade), mandragora (mandrake- the screaming baby plants in harry potter ;-) ), capsicum, nicotania, and sweet little petunias.
so now you know.

taters are definitely my favourite of the bunch, and these lovely specimens are Agria taters.

and some yummy wee Chocolate Capsicums-

the good - Strawberry Popcorn, an accidental hybrid white popcorn, Rainbow Inca Sweetcorn,

Miniature Black Popcorn,
and the bad.
sometimes growing four different varieties within a 1sqm patch isn't a good idea. sweet corn shouldn't have pointy spikes! (it's the same accidental cross between strawberry popcorn & silver platinum sweetcorn that produced the white popcorn above, but these are the other side of the coin. oops.)

i'll confess i have given up on our vege garden for now... we're hoping to move to a new house sometime in the foreseeable future, and i can't be bothered fighting our horrible soil any more! I'm already laying mental plans for the New Garden though ;-)


Sharonnz said...

Your corn looks so much better than ours turned out.

nova_j said...

yeah but yours got mauled! mine was lovingly tended & still turnned out few or mutanty ;)