Monday, August 31, 2009


homemade bread and butter.oh yes indeedy.

just perfect with tomato & creamy local-ish camembert!(and yes, another attack of the random blogger rotator! grrr...)(and it looked way nicer a minute later once the hot bread had melted the cheese..just use your imagination)

If you want to try making your own butter, just pour some full fat cream, a pinch of salt + a couple of marbles into a large jar, shake like mad, then give up & beat it in a bowl with an electric beater or cake mixer. Squeeze & pat the butter to get all the buttermilk out, then refrigerate.
Just like that.

Don't eat the marbles.


Gypsy said...

Yeah, I can't see the marbles really working for us either. It looks great, I am coming for lunch! Actually, what we need to do is some messy play at our place and then some wet on wet at yours!!!

nova_j said...

lol yeah domestically blissed meets domestically disastrous!! ;)

sarahbean said...

omg, butter! impressive!

rofl at marbles