Tuesday, September 01, 2009


so. i have this pile of yarn you see... yes, this pile see-
that i have no idea what to do with!
much of it is very nice, very usable stuff, some of it not so much, but essentially i don't have anything in mind for it or any idea what to do with it!!

however, i am a member of what is, in my opinion, the best & greatest resource for knitters -
and one of rav's greatest features is the pattern search! with it you can put in what weight yarn you have, how much, what kind of yarn it is, whether you only want free patterns, whether you'd like something for babies, or socks, or whatever!

And so out of that my Nova's Surprise Stash Knit Down project was born!! (NoSurStaKniDo or NSSKD for short, in homage to all those various Na-Kni/Blo/Wri-Mo/Do type things going on)

soooo.. the plan is every time i’m not doing busy with a ‘have to do’ project to pick a hunk of yarn (largely) at random and use the Rav advanced search (that’s the surprise part) to find something, anything, that hopefully appeals and fits the weight/yardage criteria, then knit it as fast as possible! any left over scraps of yarn will immediately be used up by turning them into balls/gnomes/whatever else uses tiny bits of yarn!

Starting with 60g-ish of some 12ply cleckheaton yarn that i had dyed to make into a felted crown, only to discover that duh... it's machine washable wool, thus doesn't felt. So i frogged it & turned it into a Wool Noggin-
and a small and somewhat ugly orange ball. but that will come later as part of the scrappy randoms collection of end-of-ball projects ;-)

then i moved onto some mysterious pinky 10ply cotton that i was given yonks ago, which i had redyed into a semi-solid plum colour, and finally knit it into a mitred hanging tea towel-
and a couple of wavy dishcloths-
so i'm off to a decent start :-)

i've now started on a little bamboo/cotton bodice that will become part of a summer dress for lexi, so watch this space!


Rainbow Child said...

wow! that is an impressive stash nova!

love the handtowel and dishcloth combo 8)

nova_j said...

lol on the downside that is only 60% of my stash! in it's entirety my stash is around 64 balls/4.2kg/9.3km!!

on the upside that is an extremely small stash by most standards! ;)

Gypsy said...

You can always use those tiny ends for collage .. I cut up little lengths and put them in a bowl for 'glue-ing'!!! I have to laugh at the 'success' of the knitting project. Oh, and bummmmsss - C needs the car tomorrow so no show for us. And G is still hanging in there :) (what is blogger comments for if not to organise ones social life!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Go you good thing! I adore that mitred teatowel pattern...have been eyeing it up for a while!

nova_j said...

lol kelly go on it'd take you all of 5 minutes to knit! it's just like a shawl only much smaller & without all the time consuming bits! (tho i bet yours would turn out much funkier, and certainly NOT purple!)