Sunday, August 23, 2009

life's not black & white

if you use blue cardstock anyway...
after seeing the kid silhouettes here (via Simple Mom) i thought i would give it a go just for fun :-)

these are the pics i used-
(and yes, eli had just smeared his lunch on the wall. truly charming my kids.)
one day if i ever get round to it i'll get a couple of small square canvases, paint them & mount these on them. one day. maybe.


Sharonnz said...

LOVE!! Must do.

Chaucey said...

what a cool idea. hmm... can I fit in some time to learn how to do this... Your ones have turned out realy well.
How do you get the children to sit still to get a profile shot?

nova_j said...

they're dead simple to do, once you have the photo! lexi is pretty malleable - i just asked her to keep looking at something on a table, but with eli he's strapped into his highchair, and i have one hand holding the camera, the other waggling a biscuit in front of him! it's ood if you can get them in front of a window though, cos the silhouette is clearer... hth?!

nova_j said...

when i wrote "ood" i really meant "good" of course ;)