Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eat cake.

now let me preface this by clearly stating that i have of late become rather a fan of a little blog called Cake Wrecks. Yes, a website dedicated to when professional cakes go horribly, deliciously, hilariously wrong.

and for part two of this tale, it was the day before the m.o.t.h's birthday, and he wanted a banana cake with cream cheese icing. no problemo.
and we needed to be packed for the weekend, cake included, and out of the house by 2.15pm. i can do that at a pinch..

so lexi is helping me bake the cake & asks what kind of cake it will be, i tell her "just a plain cake". see where this is heading?

sure enough 1.45pm, cake is out of the oven & iced, and a little girl is crying because daddy's cake isn't an aeroplane. So under much duress to decorate the cake somehow, i take my inspiration a) from Cake Wrecks, and b) from some of the glorious "Descriptive Writing" efforts that he has the pleasure of translating, sorry, reading on a daily basis... thus -

Wobbly writing? Check. (had to conciously fight myself from trying to do it nicely!) Phonetic Spelling? Check. Words bending or heading off the page? Check. Overuse of the word "and"? Check. flicks on the end of hair? Check. Mysterious but ever-present comment on personal happiness? Check.


and would you believe that it only took me 8 minutes to do, and that *includes* making a piping bag?!

ah well.. it was enough to satisfy lexi anyway ;-)

and completely at the other end of the scale, check out the cake that his mother made for the baby shower!!!!
that baby is EDIBLE!!!


Gypsy said...

That is so cool. And I love the 'plain cake' ... so easy to happen. Happy Birthday to Paul. And as for the baby shower cake, words defy me.

Nikki said...

Hrmmm... it does sorta disturb me that people would eat a baby at a baby shower. ;)

nova_j said...

lol yeah there is that element! :P

i'm quite impressed that noone has come out & said "your cake *really* sucks!" lol.. you guys are too kind ;)