Thursday, August 20, 2009

my big girl....

my little big girl has just started nursery!
(to anyone else it's kindy, but where she is going kindy is for 4-7 year olds)

and naturally that came with a list of requirements!

first- a bag to hold a change of clothes and a piece of fruit to share-
i used this pleated purse pattern (which is much more grown-up looking in the fabrics they have used! and umm with decent interfacing..) & used some denim left over from the kids pants, lined with some rainbow cotton i was gifted ages ago :-)
i mean, steiner kindy -> rainbow fabric, what could be more fitting? ;-)
and it has a pocket inside for all those little mysterious essentials-

i also made a little PUL wetbag to hold clothes in case of accidents/mud! i nicked the concept from the incredible talented leanne, who made wetbags like this ages ago - it has a loop of elastic sewn into one of the seams, which works like a hair-tie, and is much faster & easier than drawstrings or zips!

and finally she needed some indoor shoes, so again, steiner kindy -> felted slippers!
from this-
to this-
heh heh heh... (i want some now!)

so now she's all kitted out & good to go!
(and everything from my stash!)

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Gypsy said...

You are the Steiner supremo ... dont let them know or you'll be felting slippers for the fair!!!!