Thursday, August 13, 2009

the breeders

not us, my friends!

it started with needing to make the 2nd pair of booties for a friend who had just had twin girls-
then another had a gorgeous baby boy-
and paul's sister was having a baby girl, so for the baby shower i made a couple of pocket nappies-
and some bamboo & baby pink hemp inserts-
but then she came *before* the baby shower, 7 weeks early, so i had to whip up something fast!
thus, the tiny pink hat-
see, just for scale, here it is on top of the size small nappies!!
and another friend of mine had once mentioned that with prem babies it can be nice to have a pretty sign of their name for their incubator/bassinet, so lexi did a little watercolour painting and punched & glued some butterflies onto a picture for her-and then yet another friend, a passionate knitter, had a baby boy, so i knit him a fun little woven ball-

now i've just got a tiny bit of down time before i need to make something for four more babies on their way!


Gypsy said...

You are a machine ... and those gorgeous booties have been so great they still fit :)

Castlequeen said...

How talented you are. I love the woven ball, the design and colours I want to play with it!! - would you mind sharing the pattern so I could make one for our Steiner playgroup room?
Alison from New Zealand

nova_j said...

heh heh gypsy, the ones in the pic are actually an identical pair i made for CC from tnn, i never actually took a photo of the ones i made for you boo hoo ;) bad blogger..

alison, the pattern is here but i'm afraid it's in dutch (i think!), but if you are on ravelry the pattern is Gevlochten Bal and available in english! but basically you knit strips of 12-20sts (i did 12, apparently 20 is ideal though) x 68 rows, in stockinette stitch, once you have 6/9/12 of them (i did 9) you join the ends of 2/3/4 of them (and yes the edges are supposed to curl under), then weave the others through in a pattern just like a rubix cube! so really it is a woven box, but you can squish & shape it into a ball :) really very easy!

sarahbean said...

legend! omg that ball is soo cool!

Gypsy said...

Hah - here I was thinking I was special with those booties! Well, I still feel special anyway. You need to make those balls for OUR playgroup - could be a deedpledge instead of fees for playgroup!

nova_j said...

lol sorry 'bout that! ;) but i liked C's ones so much (and finished them at playgroup & gave them straight to G to give to you, so no photo!) that i had to do another pair :D