Sunday, May 03, 2009

shhh... don't tell!

eli's birthday pressie..
(sorry about the terrible photo!)
we've got a basic policy for birthdays of a little bought thing, a little homemade thing, a book, and a tiny thing or two.... and this is what i have made for eli's upcoming 1st birthday!

it's a little cuddly doll made from lovely bamboo velour, very lightly stuffed with wool fleece, and with a waldorf doll style head (has internal shaping created by tightly binding a ball of wool, before being tightly wrapped in flesh coloured cotton knit) i found it quite hard to keep the proportions ok, and the head is a bit Iggle Piggle for my liking ;-) but overall i think it's ok!

it's my first attempt at making a doll, just making it up as i went along, without any real idea of what i was doing at any point, so i'm pretty pleased with the result!! it's very soft & snuggly, so i hope he likes it :-)


Sharonnz said...

That is very sweet - well done.

Anonymous said...

that is super cute!