Saturday, May 02, 2009


for eli this winter i knitted him a Vestee except with sleeves.. thus an Unvestee!!

i wanted it to just be the dark blue, but based on the yardage in the pattern i wouldn't have enough (it said 500-550m with long sleeves, i had 5 balls of 93 = 465) so i decided to use the light blue too to make up the difference... guess what? all up it came to around 260m! *sigh* oh well i kinda like the slightly preppy look of it, he still looks cute in it anyway!


highwaycottage said...

Nice knitting Nova. It looks awesome on him, what a cutie!

linnet said...

that looks lovely! Eli is a cutie too :-)

sweetp said...

omg, where has your BABY gone??!!

very cute knitting too