Saturday, May 16, 2009

Guilt freeeeee!!

my fantabulous friend sharon surprised me a little while back with an awesome gift - the vegan holy grail...
a marshmallow kit!!
so yesterday lexi & I mixed it up, deciding to do the mint variation from the Angelfood website, and they came out really well! And very, very minty!

paul doesn't like them at all, likens them to eating toothpaste.. but the rest of us do, so more for us!

thank you sharon!!! no more pesky HOOF to avoid now ;-)

eta- i've been quiet recently because i'm busy with something secret.. hopefully will be revealed in a couple of days!


Sharonnz said...

Yummy! They look great! So glad that Paul doesn't like them, bwahahaha.

nova_j said...

heh heh yeah.. except i can't stop eating them!! totally addictive.. :p