Wednesday, August 13, 2008

felted crown pt2

well this has definitely been a learning process for me, having never felted a knitted item before.. and i still haven't!

lesson one-
before commencing knitting check that your yarn is NOT machine washable!
checkheaton country 12ply is, for future reference, machine washable.

lesson two-
you know the great debate over whether food colouring is a suitably permanent dye for wool? well if you go all gung-ho trying to felt machine washable wool, then the food colouring will fade a bit.. not terribly, but a bit.

lesson three-
if only a few rows into to-be-felted project you suspect that it would be faster & easier to create it from roving, then it definitely would be.

on the upside, despite machine washing it on hot 3 times, putting it through the drier 5 times (in with other washing, i'm not crazy), trying to hand felt it 3 times, and microwaving it for 8 minutes on high before dumping it back in the drier in a last ditch attempt, the yarn is still extremely frogable. No idea what i'll make with 100g of flame coloured pre-shrunk 12ply tho!?!


sweetp said...

Sounds like something I would do.
Great pointers....will keep all of that in mind for the future hehe

nova_j said...

lol yeah talk about a good case of look before you leap!

paul thought i could sew it into a flintstones skirt for alexis ;-p