Thursday, August 14, 2008

Anxiously awaiting spring..

alexis and i made butterflies!

they really couldn't be simpler... just take a tuft or two of each colour of wool roving, lay them side by side, then join them in the middle with a tiny hair-tie (or rubber band or string.. we happened to have some hair-ties, and they're colourful), then fluff out the middle of each 'wing' and give the end a twist!

then we hung them in the window, with a length of thread tied to the middle, for a touch of spring cheeriness :-)


Megan said...

Those butterflies are so sweet!

kate5kiwis said...

oh they are SO gorgeous!!!!!
love the sparkly moment in your day X

nova_j said...

heh heh yeah & they're just about the level of difficulty that i like atm!

of course now i have to fend the toddler off the rest of my wool stash.. might make some fairies with her tomorrow :)

oacemama said...

They are so lovely Nova...just what you need to usher in spring.