Tuesday, August 12, 2008

aww warm fuzzies!

i got my very first blog badge-y tag-y thingamy!from the lovely miss gabes at SweetP Knits! The creator of my favourite earflap hat pattern (check out my hats tag, & her blog for the pattern) which costs only a donation to your local child cancer group, how cool is that?! :-)

soo.. following on gabes kiwi blog theme, i would like to pass this on to rach & sharon, two of my original & greatest inspirations for all things crafty, nikki cos she seems to just whip up all kinds of funky things (totally amazing to a strict pattern follower like me!), kate because how has she not already recieved this?! and, for something slightly different, sandra, cos when i grow up i want to have a garden like hers!

and i have realised, much to my shame, that i don't have a blogroll! there are so many other people that i would love to link to as well, so i'm adding one now :-)


Nikki said...

Aw thanks Nova. My first blog award :) Weeeeeee.

And just think, with our powers combined, you with the technical know-how and me with the try-everything-til-it-works style - we could be a formidable sewing force. ;)

nova_j said...

you're extremely welcome :) shame you live halfway down the country tho.. but i suppose you *do* have craft2.0 there..

kate5kiwis said...

hello dahling,
thanks a million squillion.
*whispers* i actually got this award earlier in the week from embejo (do ya know her from TNN?)but *still whispers* i am rather a rebellious individual and feel a huge stage fright with memes lol... so i may or may not get over myself and "JUST DO IT!"
kisses X

nova_j said...

lol that'll learn me! i tried to be clever & searched your blog 'just in case'! :p well i suppose that just makes you a *very* kreativ blogger then :D

Rach said...

fank oo

I sitll ahven't got over my art teacher telling me I lacked confidence, so I still think of myself as totally uncreative. And I still can't draw. Or have original ideas.

So this is a big surprise.

(now what am I meant to do with it?)

nova_j said...

lol rach you really need to rethink that, because it is really doing yourself a disservice!

umm.. you have to steal the pic, post it on your blog with a link back to me, and then link to 5 people you would like to give it to :)