Monday, August 11, 2008

felted crown pt1

well over the weekend i didn't manage to get any balls or mushrooms knitted.. but i did get the to-be-felted crown done!

i quite like the flame-y effect that i got from my wool, but it turns out that at my gauge, on 6mm needles, CO24sts & inc10sts, 100g of cleckheaton country 12ply is 8 rows short. doh. oh well, just adds to the handcrafted appeal i guess ;-)

it's now in the washing machine (hopefully) felting up nicely, the next step is to shape it properly before it dries, then i'm going to sew some elastic joining it up, in a casing of red felt left over from xmas stockings :-) i'm undecided as to whether i'll decorate it further.. any ideas?!

we also spent the weekend with five cute chicks..


sweetp said...

that wool has knitted up so nice! me and DD made a crown...decorating we bought some beads and sparkles and she PVA'd them on ;)

nova_j said...

yeah it has knitted up well, but it's not blinkin well felting!! grr.. i've put it through the washing machine on hot twice & given it a hand-squish too, and all it has done is make it lovely & soft (so if you want lovely soft cleckheaton country 12ply, there you go! ;) ) might dump it in the drier, see if that helps! :)