Monday, July 28, 2008

jacques cousteau beanie

for paul!

the horrendous weather here + lots of car travel afforded me lots of time to finally knit paul a beanie! I liked the look of the Jacques Cousteau beanie (rav link), so gave it a go, but yowzers.. 140 stitches in K3P2 rib! that go on for 20cm before you even start the decreases... except being stupid, i did it as P3K2 rib.. but it ends up the same once you turn it inside out ;-) i also decided to do it without the folded over bit, so gave up after 12cm :-p

i'm currently attempting to block it over a domed rubbish bin, because the decreases make the top pop up otherwise.. lol

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flea said...

it looks great :)