Tuesday, August 05, 2008

spring is sprunging..

or almost anyway, i think gardeners like to delude themselves it has..

which means vege plans!

so today i put in my seed order :-)
1x Bean - Yellow Pole
1x Broccoli - De Cicco
1x Cabbage - Dalmation
1x Carrot - Yellow Austrian Lobbereicher
1x Cauliflower - Ruapehu
1x Kale - Borecole
1x Lettuce - Odell's
1x Lettuce - Half Century
1x Pea - Amish Snap
1x Pepper - Jimmy Nardello
1x Corn - Miniature Black Popping Corn
1x Corn - Black Navajo
1x Corn - Silver Platinum
1x Pumpkin - Red Kuri
1x Quinoa - Temuco
1x Chard - Spinach Beet
1x Spinach Bloomsdale
1x Tomato - Green Zebra
1x Tomato - Oxheart
1x Tomato - Reisentraube Red and Yellow

2 Preservation Packs-
1x Bean - Zebra
1x Cucumber - White Wonder

which i think is worth $76. eeek. oh well.
(and that is not including the garlic, strawberries & potatoes i've already bought!)

and i did manage to get 2 broccolis & 1 cauli from my tiny winter garden! that's pretty good by my standards :-)

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Sharonnz said...

We're deciding on which potatoes to get for our allotment. Love the cauli!