Monday, July 21, 2008

scrapbooking with alexis!

a challenge was issued to keep the computer off and do something with the kids this morning, specifically, make a book with/for them..

so i decided to have a go at scrapbooking with alexis! :-D

for one thing, i'm terribly inexperienced at it..
secondly, i don't have all the bits that scrapbookers usually have, i just have a few stamps & ink pads, and a few papers..
thirdly, trying to create something serious using glue & ink & photos etc wit
h a toddler?! what was i thinking?!

actually it turned out pretty well!
we're both pretty proud of our finished products...

alexis' effort- and mine-(first one i've been happy with!)

meanwhile eli was busy learning how to bat stuff with his hands :-)so a pretty productive & fun morning!

please excuse the nasty reflective photos..


Leah said...

awwwww gorgeous :) well done (nearly makes me want to haul out the scrapbooking stuff hehe)

I should be sleeping said...

nice work! and it is important to learn how to bat stuff .... perhaps he and jez could compare notes! :)

Rach said...

when will you find time for knitting and sewing and dyeing????

Love your page - simple, clean, beautiful.

kate5kiwis said...

oh *lookit* you!!!
love the ahty moment.
loving your felting buzz too, we had a go at felting last year with my friend Bella, who is the bomb. she makes full-on boots. i managed to make an oven glove under her tutelage, awesome.
mwah X

nova_j said...

lol rach i plan to be like so many scrapbookers, and only manage to get a couple of pages done per year ;) so plenty of time for sewing & knitting! yeah i'm a minimalist SBer.. i struggle to know what to put on it apart from the pics!

so when are you coming to NZ i.s.b.s.? so they can play together! ;)

thanks kate! oo an oven glove is a good idea! :D