Tuesday, March 25, 2008

woohoo! check it out...

a few days, much sweat, a pile of bricks, many rocks & a bag of compost later....not too shabby huh? :-D

well, in a recycled materials shabby chic way anyway ;-p

the pickets at the end make up three compost bays, and the furthest section of vege patch has had all the big rocks, most of the medium rocks, and quite a few of the small rocks removed (what a mission that has been!), a bag of compost stirred through & a good soaking :-)
now i just have to repeat the process along the rest of the walled section!
and yes, that is our 5m long wild pumpkin plant! it even has a pumpkin on it!

and we just won't talk about the other half..
shall we?
yet anyway... we need to find some more bricks or timber for this half of the wall first! at least i've got most of it weeded!


Sandra said...

Fantastic Nova! Well done. I'm thinking about getting some comfrey to you. I think that would be your most useful source of compost nutrients to boost your garden, on top of the worm poo aqnd bokashi. Cos you can never have too much when you are building new garden.

hmmmm. I'll get back to you on that. Do you have a small area (garden, not pot) which is contained from the rest of the garden so you can put in invasive plant in it?

nova_j said...

i was going to ask you where you get comfrey from lol! i really should look up what it looks like... or i might be able to get some from koanga..

the great thing about building a proper garden from scratch is that i can always build a special corral for it! :D

i keep using the Jeavons inspired mantra- "grow the soil, the veges will follow!" ;)

Sandra said...

Have a look here:

I got mine at my local garden centre but it isn't always available.