Friday, March 28, 2008

throwing caution to the wind...

despite financial constraints.. i replaced my useless brick. sorry, i mean my overlocker! ;-p

now i just have to sell our car to make up for it! lol... but the new one is *wonderful*! it is just SO nice to use, smooth running, beautiful stitching and nice & quiet for sewing when the kids are asleep :-D

So last night i whipped up these-

a big stack of tri-fold inserts for in our nappies!
from the top down-
3x baby pink hemp & snuggly cotton fleece for a friend who has just had triplet girls!
3x baby blue hemp & BKT for in our night nappies
3x Bamboo fleece for our night nappies
8x Tie-dyed hemp & microfibre for in our matching pocket fitteds
6x Bamboo fleece & recycled microfibre for overnight/long trips/misc. use

and also this-
it's a baby wearing wrap - approx 4.6m long & made from a stretchy cotton knit to hold a small bub nice & snug :-)
i added a patterned panel to mark the centre & for extra strength in the middle.. and made a wee pocket, that works which ever way up you tie the wrap on, for keeping little emergency things like tissues/a bib/wipes etc!
big thank you to our friend claire for the instructions & measurements!! :-D

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