Friday, November 17, 2006

Sewing, Knitting & Munching!

This afternoon I whipped up a new cover for alexis, because her wool ones have been irritating her a bit around the legs :-( So I've made a new print PUL one, using the Buzzin' Around print i got through a US co-op, with baby blue microfleece & snaps. I actually made it as a pocket, because it only means putting in another piece of elastic, and NO top-stitching, but is more versatile.. i used periwinkle PUL for the back wings, which are mostly hidden, so that i could get more nappies out of the fabric, and the periwinkle matches some of the bugs wings perfectly.. It fits nicely too!

And on wednesday, i finally finished my cherry koolaid dyed soaker! Its the punk knitters pattern (as usual!) with little shortie cuffs & plaited waist tie... it just fits alexis, but as she has been getting skinnier recently, i live in hope!

And just for something completely different, we have just reaped the first rewards of our vege patch! We've had four strawberries so far, all a good size & soooo yummy (much better then the bland supermarket ones!) and several handfuls of lettuce!! We planted 'fancy' lettuces, so you can just pluck off a couple of leaves at a time & they keep growing... So we're going to be having lovely fresh salads this summer! Our cherry tomatoes have some little flowers now (i must tie them a bit further up tomorrow!), and one of the silverbeets is starting to wrinkle nicely! lol..

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