Saturday, October 28, 2006

Vege patch ready to go!

Our first little vege patch, all mulched & starting to grow! Along the front we have fancy lettuces, beetroot & strawberries, with cherry tomatoes along the trellis.. then around the corner we have silverbeet & brocolli.. We ended up getting a whole bale of peastraw for the mulch, because it was so much cheaper that way, but we've only needed about a quarter of it so far.. We've still got a little area down the side to plant with more brocolli & silverbeet, and we've just gained a long strip of land down the back of our house that gets good sun, so still have to work out what to do with that!

I also thought I would post a pic of the heap that paul created! lol.. he trimmed a whole heap of the trees bordering our property, that were blocking our vege patch's sun, and the remains covered our entire lawn! so he spent a whole day cutting the prunings into little pieces, to try to reduce the mass & created this very orderly heap in the process ;-p

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