Friday, October 27, 2006

my abc A.B.C.

yeah ok, worst gag ever.. this is an A.B.C. or Asian Baby Carrier aka a Mei-tai.. i had been wanting to sew one for a while, and when i saw this embroidered denim on special with "abc's" all over it, i knew it was meant to be! lol...

For those less in the know about all things baby-wearing, a mei-tai is rather like a soft fabric front pack, which can also be used on your back.. the difference is that mei-tai's are better for baby's hips & spine that normal front packs, because the baby is sitting rather than hanging from their crotch, and they can be a LOT cheaper, especially when it is $8/m, and you only need 1.2m for a mei-tai AND a little pair of jeans for your bub! (still to come!)

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