Sunday, May 06, 2012


 Some of the women from our playgroup put together a stash of beautiful hand dyed yarns to sell at the advent fair. I had the *ahem* privilege of dividing a ginormous 1kg skein of undyed yarn into 100g lots.

 If you've never seen a 1kg skein, here it is -

 and of course the boy had to have a turn holding the yarnzilla too -

Of course me being the only long-term knitter who owns neither swift nor wool winder, I wound all 2170 metres of it by hand into balls, so they could be weighed properly, before winding them into individual skeins ready to be dyed.

I always think a drying rack never looks so pretty as when it is covering with freshly dyed yarn..

I dyed this one for myself too, it's 200g of blue & green gradient - 

and more recently, a little 50g skein -

and 50g of 12ply in graduated reds -

and Lexi did one for herself using koolaid -

I'm hoping I'll get a chance to do a heap more soon!!


Mrs K at Mummybrain said...

I'm in Auckland NZ too, where can I buy some from? Do you sell on trade me?

Nova said...

Hello!! Nice to 'see' you :) We've sold out of all but one 100g skein of the pink & yellow DK, but will be doing a bunch more soon. We only use food dyes because a lot of people at our playgroup/kindy aren't keen on more potent acid dyes. But if you're after some 'proper' stuff, just in our little Team NZ group Jodulbug (another AKLer), rootoo, oliveandemma, and LilMissRed are all artisan dyers, as is kiwiwonder from Counting Sheep Knits (also from akl).. she hasn't joined our team yet, I must nag her! Jo aka Jodulbug is planning a special yarn stocking for the NZ Raveletes too! I hope that helps!