Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nuts for Knits

I confess, I'm scared of knit fabrics.

But I got "Growing Up Sew Liberated" from our library, and it had some cute, simple patterns in there, which I thought I should have a go at!

I've got a wee bit of precious merino fabric to use for the kids this winter, but I thought I had better test the patterns, and my skills, on something a little less important.

Enter the $1 remnant bin PJs!!
 I got the pink cotton knit fabric in a remnant bin years ago for $1, and was given the white cotton rib by a friend, also years ago, both have been sitting in my stash with me too scared to touch them! Despite it not being a tragic investment if it all went disastrously wrong, go figure. Add in a free pattern = cheap, happy girl PJs!!
I think I need to stretch the ribbing a bit more when I'm sewing it, so that it doesn't waver as much, using a twin-needle made it quite easy to actually attach too..... 

but hey, they're functional & don't look terrible!!! That's all I ask lol..

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SarahBean said...

They look great!