Saturday, August 20, 2011


Another Pinterest inspired project, a rainbow cushion for our playroom -
from this Design Sponge pin! Mine doesn't look as smooshy, because I haven't put the central button tuft thingy in.. I'm still undecided about it, but since this is intended as a cushion for the kids, I thought a big button in the middle would actually be not so nice for sitting on!

It was fun to make though, and will look wonderful in our rainbow themed playroom!!

(Disclaimer - having a playroom sounds terribly bourgeois, but I swear it's not lol! Our 3 middle-sized kids share a long single bedroom & the baby is in our room, so that we have a room left over as a playroom for all of their stuff... I'm certain it won't seem so spacious when they are 10-18 years old & still all sharing rooms ;-) but we love the current setup!!! )


Sharonnz said...

Big fat LIKE.

Anonymous said...

Looks great Nova! Sam

nova_j said...

thanks gals! the kids love it, it's going to have a hard life!

TheOtherSarah said...

Looks great! I just want to sit on it :-)