Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow..

or maybe, no...

i'm rather enjoying the last dregs of summery weather we're having, but since i have a deep-seated dislike of being even the slightest bit chilly, i've already got my knitting plans sorted for winter, and my yarn all ordered!!

my yarn stash for projects this winter.
that is 2.5kg of yarn, or roughly 4.7 kilometres that will pass through my hands over coming months!!!
and that isn't including anything that comes out of my existing stash as well... AND that doesn't include any particularly large projects either! crazy when you think about it...

but the first one off the needles was this-
another babydoll, this time in 6 month size, modified to use 12ply for the skirt part
it has a cute lace detail at the hem, which i really like, but must get around to blocking to stop it curling! oops...
it only took me about 3 days, which is the kind of knitting i like best!!

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