Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crochet Caps

as cool as that sounds, crochet is (allegedly) having a massive renaissance!

and, well, i think it can be pretty cute when used properly!!
the one is a "Shabby Hat" for maia, using Wool Company "sky" and scraps from my stash
i crocheted a little flower to decorate it too-
paul thinks it looks like a '20s baby hat!

and another for eli-
this time a brimmed beanie, using the same yarn as the babydoll dress i just made maia :-)
see? it isn't all bad is it??!


Casper said...

Love that pattern, I'm pretty bad at crochet, I tried making one for Bella and it fitted a doll :( Not too sure what I did wrong :P

Anne (I should be sleeping) said...

Totally cute. Well done :)

Nikki Elisabeth said...

I'm being uber lazy but what pattern did you use for Eli's hat? Friend wants one like that for her babe. Lovely work!

Claire said...

OMG your baby girl is the cutest thing ever. cluck city
the hats are pretty cute too.

nova_j said...

here ya go nikki- Cheri Hat :) dead easy, just goes round & round til you get to the brim!

nic- i found the pattern a bit off too.. i did a 6m size with a 3mm hook, for the toddler size it says to repeat the last round 6 times, i did it 11 times!! otherwise it was going to look more like a kippah! lol...

Shortly said...

I'm with Claire - what's cuter, baby or hat?? Both are lovely, and man does that wee face make me feel clucky!

Nikki Elisabeth said...

Fantastic - thank you!!