Thursday, June 03, 2010

thumbs in the thumb place...

we have a little song that we sing at our playgroup during the winter months that goes-

Thumbs in the thumb place,
Fingers all together,
That's what we do in mitten weather.
Hats on our heads,
Scarves round our necks,
Warm boots, warm boots,
So we don't get wet!

and since i am evidently one of those "why do i have to wear a jumper just because my mum is cold?" kind of mothers, it was definitely time for mittens!!

luckily for me, two very talented ladies i know have just released kids mitten patterns! Both are for fingerless mitts, but it's pretty easy to adapt :-)

The first is-
Shortly's Milo Mitts!
i knit these in double stranded 4ply sock yarn, in size 4. the mods on how to do the closed in fingers & thumb are on my rav page.

the second is-
Sam's Easy Kids Hand Warmers!
these i knit using yarn that i dyed oh so very long ago, using the last scraps, and added a tiny twisty cable, closed in the fingers to match big sis' ones, but just crocheted around the thumb hole.
the kids are very happy with them, and i'm very happy that my kids are toasty hands!!

thanks guys for writing such awesome, easy & FREE patterns!!!

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Sam said...

They look great! .. love the wee song :D