Sunday, October 08, 2006

Year so far - Kool-aid dyeing

Another funny thing i decided to try my hand at is dyeing wool with Kool-aid! (which is an unsweetened juice flavouring powder stuff..) You use a sachet or two for every 50g of wool, mix it in some water, then kinda cook the wool in it.. i used the microwave, because its quick! My first go was the red stuff, using Black Cherry & Blastin Berry Cherry, which turned out an interesting watermelon colour, with very subtle variations in colour.. i'm knitting it into a soaker at the moment.. the 2nd photo is half of what i call my 'sour worms' wool, because the colour reminds me of those gummy sour worms! I used Berry Blue and Lemon & Lime to create a blue & green variagated effect...

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