Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the same, but different.

one long dark evening i let the kids loose with some wet-on-wet watercolour painting-
(soak proper watercolour paper in a bit of water for 5-10min until it's a bit soft, then paint with big brushes & watercolour paints - biscuit trays are perfect for containing everything, if not very pretty!)

the finished paintings-
i then cut circles out of the paintings - a stockpot lid for the big one, cake tin for the smaller - and painted them with cheap canola oil. yes you read that right.
the aim is to make the paper somewhat translucent... Dr Nick's Window To Weight Gain for the uber-geeks out there ;-)
once dry i folded the paintings into star lanterns!
and cos i was in that sort of mood, i made the little scraps left over from turning the circles into octagons into a mobile for lexi's window.
(the sun was too bright this morning to get a decent pic of all the delicate shades, but i'm not complaining!!)


I should be sleeping said...

They're lovely bowls :)
I love the mobile as well.

nova_j said...

thanks! they're very easy once you get the knack :)