Tuesday, December 01, 2009

On the 1st of december Nova made for me...

.. some bunting for with our xmas tree!
My long ago alluded to pointy secret has finally reached fruition! At last I have a collection of lovely xmas buntings ready for sale!!

These Christmas buntings are handcrafted here in NZ, by me, out of quilting cotton and satin ribbon. They have four prints & three colours.
(small disclaimer- due to the nature of the process some of the prints occasionally appear upside down, but extreme care has been taken to negate any visual impact of this)

They are double sided so are perfect for hanging across a room or archway, or even outside in fine weather!

Each point has hidden overlocking on all three sides, before being stitched into the ribbon, making them much more durable than fabric finished with pinking shears or paper buntings. Looked after properly these should last for years and years!
(Our birthday bunting, made in an identical fashion, has been pulled out & hung numerous times & is still looking perfect)

Why have bunting you ask?!

They're essentially an almost instantaneous way to festively decorate a room!
Whether strung up against an otherwise drab piece of wall, or hung across a room, it immediately injects some energy and christmas spirit!
They're perfect for hanging up outside if you're having a barbeque, because they can be removed super fast if the weather goes bad..
And because they are hanging up they don't clutter up surface areas, and are out of reach of all but the most crazily ingenious children! ;-)

and they look cute.
I have three sizes available-

12 of the "18 Pointers" - approx 3.16m long, including ties

3 of the "16 Pointers" - approx 2.90m long, including ties

and one lonely "17 Pointer" - approx 3m long, including ties.
$29 lol..

Postage will be $5 around NZ (it's a bit late to post overseas sorry!), and they come with care instructions & a little ziplock bag to keep them safe!

SO, if you would like to buy one, please email me at newlymade@hotmail.com

Merry Christmas!!


Rainbow Child said...


Kelly said...

Love em Nova!

familyofgirls said...

They look great! A set of these was on my to do list today but didn't quite make it into fruitation lol. Maybe in the weekend.

Gypsy said...

These are stunning! Are you thinking of making them in any other prints? I would love one but in different colours so they go with my Christmas stuff ... more cream and gold than the black and red? (Yes, I'm really that fussy!!!)

nova_j said...

ha my photography obviously leaves somewhat to be desired! they're actually white, red & green with gold, and ivory ribbon..
perhaps for next year, i think DP would kill me if i did any more this year ;) (and the fabric is $$$ at the mo too)