Thursday, December 03, 2009

last minute gifts

i received an email yesterday informing us that our gifts for the kindy teachers are expected in by friday, so they can be packaged up nicely together... eeek!!

luckily some friends had been checking out the Cowgirl Cookies at Bakerella, and extra fortunately i had been gifted a few large Agee jars a week ago...

so i made a xmas version!
it has red, green & yellow M&M's (which you can barely see - early morning, running out the door photos aren't the best!) to make it festive case you're thinking of doing some, it took a 200g bag to get barely enough of the three colours for each jar, i think i would have been wise to get at least one more! and to make it look prettier than i did make sure you put the M&M's just around the walls of the jar & fill the middle in with choc chips, rather than a flat layer like everything else ;-)

with it's M&M's, choc chips, pecans, oats & lashings of brown sugar, it sounds like a very nice cookie mix indeed!

finish off with some labels - mine were printed with the red circle, then cut out & matted onto some green paper, and a little silver star added - a 6" square of fabric, some ribbon & a handmade card (in this case a white card inside a green one with a star punched out of it, bound with shimmery yarn), and you've got a pretty cute, useful, and most of all quick xmas gift!!


Kelly said...

Looks gorgeous Nova! Any teacher would love to get something like that :)

skatey katie said...

fabulicious X
(though my word verification is 'uneat' lol )