Monday, November 02, 2009

Project Monday #9

Ok, so as per usual i still can't share pics of any of my current WIPs....


i have actually finished some things!!

firstly, the penguin skittles for eli's xmas-
they took a lot longer to make than i expected, but in reality if you were only working on these, had kids who actually went to sleep before 8.30-9pm, and then *stayed* asleep for the rest of the night, then they'd mostly likely only take a beginner-intermediate crocheter 1 evening for each penguin body, 1 for the ball, 1 for the tummies, and 1 for the rest, at most.

these were all knit using stash-burn yarn, stuffed with wool fleece & a disk of wood in the base (just used a hole saw on our drill), with embroidered eyes :-)

i knitted the beaks cos i just wasn't winning with the crocheted version, and it was much simpler to do a basic turkish cast on style..

pretty cute huh?!

and i also spent the weekend painting the toilet-
(excuse the dimness, it was too bright for my poor little camera earlier! the photo below is a better indication)

it used to be sponged in various shades of blue, which in such a small room had begun to get a bit much after 8ish years!

so we stripped & sanded it all back, did all the necessary filling, sugar soaping & undercoating, then i painted the bottom half with left over paint from our bedroom, the top half with a slightly warmish white (but NOT cream!!), and added a polished metal trim along the border...

then it just took the addition of a new, smaller cistern, chrome toilet paper holder & door stop, and some 'commissioned' art by alexis-
it's looking rather nice i think!
it's a shame the toilet is now by far the nicest room in our house, (it's making the rest look decidedly shabby.. good thing i bought extra paint!) but i'm very pleased with my work!


Gypsy said...

Great work! I am desperate to do our little toilet .. we put in an ensuite so that is lovely but the main toilet is the worst room in our house :) Hoping to make it on Thursday as A has been asking to go again. xx

highwaycottage said...

Well, I think painting the toilet and making skittles is pretty produstive. I LOVE the skittles. They are gorgeous. Well done.

nova_j said...

thanks! it's nice to finish something for once! ;)

oh cool gypsy! lmk if she changes her mind, cos lexi might go over to nursery instead if A isn't coming :) would be great if ya could come though!

Kelly said...

lovin those skittles miss Nova

Sharonnz said...

Sweet penguins - and I'm totally down with the pretty blue of your loo;-)

mazzygirls said...

The penguins are so cool! Love them. Well done on the painting, I hate the prep for that sort of a job, it takes so long.