Tuesday, November 03, 2009

early morning harvest

woohoo!! our first decent cauliflower!!

it was from a bunch of mixed brassicas that i planted last autumn, that largely didn't amount to anything, so this is a real surprise! a couple of the cabbages look like they might be firming up a bit, so fingers crossed.... patience really is virtue with these things isn't it?


Sharonnz said...

Go you on the brassica triumph. I'll know I'm a real gardener when these start working better for me;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, cauliflower!!! We only grow lettuce (at the moment), so I'm uber impressed by 'other' vegetables LOL

nova_j said...

rofl yeah i always snicker when i see the stock photo in the Palmers catalogue with a dozen different brassicas & various other things all supposedly thriving in like 1 square foot of garden! completely aside from the fact that the cabbages have very obviously had all their outside leaves cut off ;) You Too Can Have A Wonderfully Productive AND Ornamental Vege Garden, Just Like This! ha. but in reality, a single cauli amounts to song & dance time lol :D