Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Spring harvest

It's rather nice, and rather unusual, for us to have stuff to harvest at this time of year, but we do now!

today we picked (and sampled) the first of the NZH Joe's lettuces that we planted a few weeks back-

and a few days ago i harvested the last of our wonderful (also NZ heritage) Spinach Beet-
a wheelbarrow full from just two plants! and that is even though we have been picking it all winter for our fav lasagne too... if you like spinach but are better suited to growing silverbeet, then this is the compromise for you!

i de-stalked, cleaned, chopped & froze it all immediately, providing us with (amazingly & conveniently) exactly 1kg of greenery goodness ready to use-
and we picked the umm.. roots of my carroty labour-
they're a selection of different varieties from various sources, but the tastiest were definitely the yellow ones (yes they're supposed to be that way), which are Austrian Yellow Llobericher from Koanga - which is where i get nearly all of my seeds & seedlings - they do great work & have some fantastic varieties too!

(and yes i'm trying to find a solution to stupid random photo rotating issue! wish me luck!)


Jo's Place said...

WOW, great harvest and your wee girl looks very impressed with the giant lettuce :)

Rainbow Child said...

im still waitng on my seeds to sprout haha 2 in three weeks, its taking forever!

Anonymous said...

Great harvest hun!